How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

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Our heart is the most important organ in our entire body and it controls our cardiovascular system. So we must take a good care of it.

We can keep our heart healthy by eating nutritious food and leading an active life. But if you are looking for guidance in doing so, then you can contact the doctors of the best heart hospital in Bangalore.

Here are some healthy tips to keep your heart healthy:

Healthy food: To keep your heart healthy you must add heart- healthy food in your diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables as they are low in calories and helps to keep your heart healthy. Whole grains like wheat, barley, oats and others are good sources of vegetable fiber and other nutrients. They are really good for our heart and are helpful in controlling blood pressure. We must also add animal proteins in our diet. Like poultry and fish. Poultry like chicken and turkey contains healthy fatty acids which are good for your heart. Among fish, sardines, salmon and fresh tuna are best source of omega-3 and they protect your heart diseases. Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C and are helpful in controlling your cholesterol level.

Foods to avoid: Avoid eating foods rich in saturated fats as they increases the risk of heart diseases.
Red meats are also not good for your heart. Again, try to control your alcohol consumption.
Try to cut down your salt intake at the table as well as in your cooking.

Daily Exercises: Exercises are the best way to keep your heart healthy and strong.
But are all exercises good for heart?

For this you have to keep in mind that if you are already having a heart problem, specially breathing problem, then you must consult a doctor of the best heart hospital in Bangalore to get their expert opinion regarding this.

Give up smoking: Quit smoking if you want to keep your heart free from diseases and if you want to live a healthy life. You can quit smoking by keeping your body alkaline by drinking alkaline water. You can also drink fruit juices and eat alkaline fruits and vegetables.

Stress less: Stress is another main cause for heart problems.
In this fast moving world we all stress about everything and so the rate of heart diseases have also increased simultaneously. So it’s better to take less stress and find ways to control it. Best ways to control it is to meditate, exercise regularly and have a good sleep.

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Get referrals: You can ask your family members who have heart problems as they know better and can guide better with their experience.

You can ask your personal doctor as well to give you referrals about the best cardiologists in the city. Then you have to list them down for your future consultation to get expert opinion.

Research well and go through the reviews: If you are looking for the best heart hospital in Bangalore, then research about the different heart specialty hospitals and their about their doctors as well in the internet.

Take the appointments of the doctors and visit them to get their consultation. But never feel hesitant to ask questions. When you are satisfied with your doctor and feel certain that all your queries have been answered then you can take the final decision.