Why We Need On-page SEO for Our Website

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Search Engine Optimization, also called SEO is a technique that can help your website’s rank as top as possible on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Now a day people are depending on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. SEO can help to rank, as well as bring traffic for your website. Now, seo is aggregated into two basic categories, like: On-page Seo and Off-page Seo.

  • On-page seo:   On-page Seo, that we can do on the website and it help to get better ranking on search engines; like web page titles & descriptions, H tags, sitemap, robots.txt, page speed, inbound link etc.
  • Off-page seo:   Off page seo, that we can do in external website for link building like guest blogging, web 2.0 blog post, social bookmarking, blog commenting, directory submissions, article posting etc. It can help to boost your website on SERP.

Some Techniques of On-page SEO-

First, Page Title for Website:  Website page title is one of the most important for on page seo. Each & every webpages have different page title according to the  target keyword. There have some limitations for characters. Page title can help improve your website ranking on search engine result pages.

Second, Meta Descriptions for Website: Meta description is also important for website. If you put your target keyword in your website meta description, it will help to improve your website..

Third, Proper URL Structure: Url is another important part of seo factors, because proper url can give good result for your website.
Proper structure for website: http://www.example.com/your-keyword
Improper structure: http://www.example.com/%20your_%20keyword
You have very careful for create URLs for your website.

Fourth, H tags for Website: You have to use several types of H tags like H1, H2, H3 etc. But there have some limitations for using H tags. H1 tag you can use only once in a page; this should be your target keyword. In other H tags you can use LSI keywords or similar keywords.

Fifth, Content for Website: Content is one of the most important part of seo. You need more than 500 keywords content and you should use your LSI keywords 2 or 3 times on your content.

Sixth, Internal Linking for Website: Internal linking is most important for your website. Internal linking is refer your website structure. Try to create proper internal linking for your website.

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